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Welcome to my official website, it has been awhile since I had a official presence on the internet and with this new site I hope to change that and give you my loyal and dedicated fans a place to interact and get in contact with me as well as keep up to date with what I am doing at events with my blog, if you have a Twitter account you can follow me on there and I also now have a official Facebook page.


Matthew Stevens

If you would like to ask me a question or send me a message then please use the Contact button, I do intend on reading all of my emails but as you can imagine between practicing, competitions and spending time with my family I may not get the time to reply to all message but I will endeavor to try my best and reply to everybody.


There are a couple of parts of the site which are not quite ready yet but I have been assured that they will be ready for use within a few days, we are working on some ideas for my Fan Club at the moment, this was a popular feature of my old website and it is something that I want to bring back, I am hoping that we can give Fan Club members some exclusive content that is not available on the public site or anywhere else on the internet, this will also include exclusive pictures too.



I am doing a 2 part interview with , the first part is already available on the site HERE and the second part I will be doing when I return form Germany.